• Basic training in flowidity

    The training in Flowidity is an invitation to the discovery of ways and paths through the movement of our body and its relation to health in physical, mental, psychological and spiritual level.
    Flowidity is a way of restoring the unity of the body with all aspects of human life and existence. The body and the mind communicate through the “dream language” of the Elements and other archetypal forces. Water and Earth, Wind and Fire form a single, unified whole. Within the human body lies the way and the opportunities for the experience of mutual connection with oneself and the world.

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  • Nutritional Alchemy

    Everything is food.
    The way, in which I relate, get information and “feel full” physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually is “food”.
    The “hunger / need” is not only for bread, cheese and oil, for sushi,tortillas and rice, but it is also “hunger / need” for smiles, loving relationships, rest, play, art, sound, colour, taste, smell, touch, hugs, exploration, spirituality, ritual, physical expression, joy,creativity, beauty and many more.

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  • Shadow work

    Two four-days seminar exploring the dark and the light shadows with the help of rituals, ancient technologies, group work and modern neurophysiological research.

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  • Body & Archetypes

    Archetypical body postures and the life of soul.

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  • The Nourishing power of “Night & Silence”

    The ritualistic “entrance” to the Night & Silence and its Essentially nourishing action.

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