A training for body, mind, emotions and spiritual awareness

Your inner and outer world is formed by the way you move, think, and adapt.

The gravitational field of the Earth, the ‘structures’ imposed by that field and the embodied unconscious of your ancestors is where you live, think and evolve.

The ability to respond to circumstances and arising needs in new, and flexible ways is a key skill in maintaining physical, emotional and mental health.

Flowidity training acknowledges that body and mind/emotions work together for the purpose of preserving and strengthening health.

The body has the ability to ‘remember’ structural positions and postures, actions, functions and emotions without needing to be reminded of them by the conscious mind. With the help of the body’s release through the experientially derived knowledge of flowidity, it is possible to treat the physical and emotional content of a trauma, whether physical or symbolic, in a safe and subtle way.
Flowidity training is a form of art.

The foundation training in flowidity is an invitation to discover new pathways, as well as to explore really old ones, in the movement of the physical self and its connection to health on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

Your body contains the potential and the way to experience the connection to the Self and the World. Not only is it unnecessary to transcend and ‘subdue’ it in order to ‘find’ spirituality and peace, but the Body is the medium, the instrument, the space and the way to emBody these states of consciousness.

Flowidity provides this knowledge using the experience of the body instead of theoretical reflections and rigid dogmatic perceptions.
Sensations, feelings, emotions, movements, rhythms, flows become of paramount importance and offer their teachings in a direct manner. Words simply follow or indicate, symbolize the reality of the body.
That is why every description in the seminar is called ‘dream language’ and it is treated as a guide and a map of the process and as an experience of the embodiment.

The principles used, taught and experienced are derived from the field of Contemporary Research on connective tissue and anatomy, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Ancient Greek Medicine, various forms of Body Psychotherapy, ecstatic experiences of people from various traditions, including shamanic traditions, and concepts about the man and the world.

The seminar is experiential and consists of four parts four days each.

In the first four days you will explore the primordial movements of life as they are manifested in all organisms on Earth and in your body. You will learn to connect to the Primeval Ocean and you will be able to move with the grace, gentleness and power of the Water. You learn to recognize your body’s responses, you experientially meet your totemic animal and you play and move with it.

The next four days will take you on a journey deeper into the exploration of your body, into the Earth, your bones, the life attitudes of your ancestors. You explore your limits and you learn archetypal relaxing poses from all over the planet. You will be able to recognize the movements of the Earth and you will get in touch with the guardian of your Earth through shamanic journeying.

The third seminar will connect you to Air, your joints, your thinking mechanisms, the nervous system and your ‘shadow’. Using simple dialogue and body techniques you begin to work with these parts of yourself and you learn to move with the ‘animal of your trauma’ and the gifts brought to you by that animal. Breathing and sound are the main tools of this seminar.

The last seminar takes you to Fire, the metabolic activity, the ability for profound change and it connects spirituality, creativity and sexuality in the body. You will experiment with techniques of bodily ecstasy and you will burn restrictive roles and beliefs.

Subsequently you will connect to Spirit, paradoxical existence, still movement, collapse of the known, and recreation. You will learn practically the principles of ‘dream language’ and you will connect with a very important ‘ancestor from the future’. You will learn how to actually integrate the entire basic seminar in everything you do in your life.