Body-mind explorations and  psychosomatic work using history, art, body-postures, dramatizations based on Archetypes of the Tarot cards of the Ancient Greek heroic tradition.
Circle 1: Tarot

A journey into the Wisdom, the Love and the Power of the Body, the Tradition and the Now.

The archetypal Forces are expressed and evolves with humans, our societies, our needs, our desires and our secrets.
The basic structures remain stable, however the way we as individuals and as societies relate to those forces and our interpretations are changing.

The seminar is experiential and most for the structure and techniques are based on the principles of the Basic level FLOWIDITY seminar.

You can imagine the seminar as a “school of Alchemical Arts” were the four elements and their “Spirits”, Ancient knowledge, technologies of consciousness, “Shadows” and the Ancestors, are united, change and transform, enrich the Today, increase Now.

The first tools in this work are the 22 carts of the “Great Arcana” of Tarot. Those images describing, telling stories about different states of consciousness and existence and unlocking secret “gates” foe even greater connection with what Really Is.

During the study period you will learn about the tradition, history and mythology of the cards.
You will go deep into the information of every card, you will understand connections and you will discover new messages and connections based on your personal and collective needs.

You going to learn basic principles of rituals, the formation of “Sacred Space”, the “Opening and Closing” of the “Work” and you will explore and finally create your own deck of cards, based on the totality of information, feelings, emotions, and intuition.

You will learn how to keep a journal for this work and how to express your nonlinear, free and creative self through movement, color, materials, constructions.

At the end you will be able to recognize the qualities, characteristics and affinities with each card and your life and you will be able to “feel” in your body the dynamic changes and the “parallel dance and space” of the 22 archetypes.