A 7-day experiential seminar on Food, Body, Self, the “Other” & Nature, with Efthimi Lazarou
The ritualistic “entrance” to the Night & Silence and its Essentially nourishing action.

Food. It is more than what you put on your plate. It is the interaction that you have with your internal and external environment. The relationship that you develop with yourself, with others and nature. The way that you experience and move your body, your activities, your work, your hobbies and your spirituality.

Modern society has diminished the connection of humans with the Power of Darkness, the Sweetness of Silence, the recognition of body sensations that related to biological hunger & thirst, the flow of evolution, the ability to “listen” to the needs of the body and the discovery of survival resources!
As you allow the connection with ALL that nourishes you, you are in harmony with life, whatever you eat, as physical food, becomes a secondary issue.

The dramatic increase of legal psychoactive drugs in order to control anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, stress, alienation, “speaks” for the need of connection & re-membering that nourishment is not only biology-based.

The seminar “Entrance to the Night & Silence” has been developed to relax the mind and increases the ability for deeper connection, deeper exploration and deeper contact.
During the seminar you will explore and experiment these ideas, safely with your self, others & the Nature.

Using gentle and simple exercises, you will discover the “nutritional quality” of the elements that feed you internally and externally with the help of rhythm, sound, qualities, breathing, pleasure, relaxation, movement, play, journaling, deep thinking, myths, sacred traditions and shamanic journeys.
The “Entrance to the Night and Silence” builds a solid foundation for the most unique and life changing “diet”.
You will learn how to access your wisdom and ancestral memories!
You will connect to the resources and qualities that are most important to you, for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

You will be guided to contact and connect with the archetypal forces of the four plus one elements.
You will receive the gift of ancient bodily – wisdom in relationship to physical and symbolic food.
You will learn how to reduce the physiological reactions to stress.
You will recognize the nutritional power of healthy relationships with the body, emotions, mind, others and Nature
You will learn the relationship between food and mood
You will be guided to connect with your food history
You will be connected with yourself and the world through the ritual of eating
You will embrace, be embraced and nourished by the DARKNESS and the SACRED SILENCE.
The “Entrance to the Night and Silence” is based on the applied principles of FLOWIDITY and the principles of the seminar entitled: Nutritional Alchemy

Participation of the previous seminars is welcomed but not a prerequisite for this seminar.
The seminar is suitable for anyone interested in the relationship between food and humans at all levels of existence. Also for people who express an interest in ancient sacred initiatory traditions and myths and want to explore with their bodies, other states of consciousness.
For the most part of the seminar you will be wearing a blindfold. The use of physical darkness helps to facilitate the entrance into the “Night and the Silence.

During the 6 day experience the food that you will consume will be ONLY the VERY BEST possible quality. Fresh, organic and/or biodynamic farming and in harmony with the season and the locality.
Today’s most common foods we will be absent from the diet and the cooking methods will be simple, caring and prepared with love!
The seminar, as it is, at the present moment, is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.