Everything is food.
The way, in which I relate, get information and “feel full” physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is “food”.
The “hunger / need” is not only for bread, cheese and oil, for sushi, tortillas and rice, but it is also “hunger / need” for smiles, loving relationships, rest, play, art, sound, color, taste, smell, touch, hugs, exploration, spirituality, rituals, physical expression, joy, creativity, beauty and many more.

During the seminar we will discover what is “food” to each of us is.
We will explore possible areas of excess and potential shortcomings.
We will use the four elements model in relation to food and nutrition.
We will study & explore, question & answer how human relationships,work, spirituality and the use of the body are necessary components of a balanced “diet.”
We will use physical skills and simple physical exercises to get in contact with the active wisdom of our bodies and our ability to understand our “Food-needs”.
We will use the skills of “gentle listening” to decode our “hunger / need” for different substances or situations and learn how to”enter” to the qualities and information stored our “small food”.
Finally, we will explore 3 principles that will help us to recognize and distinguish the “small” from the “large” food and our real needs in relationship to those “foods”.

The work and the principles of this seminar, increases the ability to be authentic and in deep satisfaction with myself.